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Agrocomet 20W/40

Agro comet - Other AutomotivesOils

SAE 20W/40


Viscosity Grades

SAE 20W/40


Equivalent to API CG-4, ACEA E3, API SF.


Comet Agrocomet 20W/40 is a multi-purpose lubricant for tractors .

Recommended For

Crank cases of diesel engines,
Final drives(API-GL4 or less severe applications),
Power take offs
Wet brakes
Power steering.
Agrocomet is specially developed for multi-purpose lubrication of farm tractors and is made from mineral oils and a specially developed additive package to meet STOU requirements.
Some of the major features include:
Wear and friction control which is suitable for all transmissions including power shifts.
Protection for hypoid axles which have completed break-in.
One product that covers all your tractor needs at good economics.

Typical Characteristics

Specific Gravity@ 15/15°C0.894
Kin.Viscosity mm2 /s@100°C cst, min16.0
Sulphated ash% by mass1.4
Detergent MetalCA
Zinc by Weight0.098
Total Base Number (TBN)10.0
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