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Comet Lubricants

Antistatic Conning Oil

Antistatic Conning Oil


Comet Antistatic Conning Oil is a specially formulated anti-splash oil suitable for high speed texturing of Polyester/Nylon filament yarns. Application level of 1.5% to 4% of the weight of the textured yarn is recommended.

Product Description

– Excellent yarn to yarn Metal lubrication Description
– Excellent antistatic properties
– Stability of the product during storage of lubricated yarns
– Low frictional properties to ensure smooth running of the yarn in subsequent processing
– Excellent non-corrosive properties
– Excellent non-splash properties which
– Eliminates oil splashing and misting
– Even at high speeds thus reduces oil wastage and atmospheric contamination.

Technical Specification

AppearanceClear Liquid
Colour (gardner)Max 1.0
Viscosity @ 30C22+-5.0 CPS
10% pH7.5+5.0 CPS
10% EmulsionStable
Density @30C0.85_+0.5
Acid ValueMax 2.5 MGMS
Antisplash AdditiveYes
Flash Point150C

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