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Clayton EP1,EP2 Grease

Clayton EP1,EP2 Grease
Clayton EP1,EP2It is a Clayton Clay thickened, practically non-melting grease with extreme pressure and anti-rust additives.

Customer Extra   Advantages in Product   Service

The thickener used is non-melting under all practical conditions, resisting grease to soften at high temperatures during service and any shock shears and stains. The grease is water resistant hence does not allow absorption or water washout. The grease provides rust protection on the metal surfaces in service.

Recommended Uses

Recommended for uses requiring a grease that does not melt where continuous high temperature or intermittent very high temperatures are experienced.

Market Application

Lithium with Clayton Clay thickener to boost melting point to 260°c plus. The grease is water resistant and suitable for furnace doors, bearings and similar high temperature application.

Recommended Applications

1.Up to 120°C for normal service.
2.Up to 260°C with very frequent relubrication.
It is ideally suitable for furnace door bearings and kiln car wheel bearings, and for similar high temperature applications. The physico-chemical properties shown below are average based on recent production. They are not limiting values. Minor variations are to be expected in normal production which does not affect the performance of the grease.

Typical Characteristics

NLGI Grade12
Drop Point, °C260+260+
OIL VISCOSITY cst@40°C9292
OIL VISCOSITY cst@100°C1010
Penetration worked@25°c330285
Thickner m% timken1012
Ok load kg1818
Range continuous service °c25 to 12025 to 120

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