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Comelube 30, 40

Comelube 30, 40

Viscosity Grades

SAE 30,SAE 40


Comet Comelube Special is a premium quality engine oil designed for use in naturally aspirated four cycle and turbocharged diesel engines using high sulphur fuels. The Total Base Number (TBN) 20 assures effective neutralization of harmful combustion products, particularly where fuel containing 1% sulphur or more is used.


Equivalent to:
1. API service classification for Diesel Engine Oils API-CD.
2. MIL-L-2104C.
3. Caterpillar Series-3

Product Description

Comet Comelube Special grades are specifically developed for naturally aspirated and turbocharged diesel engines using high sulphur fuels. They are made with high quality mineral oils and specially developed additive packages to mainly combat the excessive acids and water produced during combustion of sulphur fuels. The additive package also provides exceptionally good protection against cold sludge, soot formation and piston varnish, under harsh conditions of service.

Some of the major features include:
Wear and friction control which is suitable for all transmissions including power shifts.
Protection for hypoid axles which have completed break-in.
One product that covers all your tractor needs at good economics.

Major Typical Characteristics

Comet 3040
Specific Gravity@ 15/15°C0.8950.90
Viscosity Index,min95.095.0
Sulphated ash% by mass,max2.42.4
Total Base Number (TBN) Mg koh/gm min1010
%zinc (typical) % by mass0.1260.126
Detergent MetalCACA
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