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Heat Transfer Oils

Comet Heat Transfer Oil

Comet Heat Transfer Oil


Comet heat transfer oil is synthetic high performance oil formulated from highly synthetic base oil and a versatile additive package to provide superior properties for use in closed, indirect heating installations. The product resists thermal cracking and chemical oxidation thus longer service life.
Comet heat transfer oil is carefully selected to help provide effective heat transfer and maximize system efficiency. The product has good fluidity at low temperatures leading to easier start-up at cold ambient temperatures. In addition it is formulated have good heat transfer properties such as specific heat and high thermal conductivity that help provide rapid heat dissipation that can lead to increased efficiency of the whole system


• Improved oxidation stability of heat transfer and hence extended oil life
• Maintains viscosity and film thickness at high temperature to help protect the equipment
• Free from sludge and coke deposits and minimum interference with heat transfer capability and minimized maintenance needs
• Easy start-up due to low-temperature fluidity


Comet heat transfer is recommended for closed heating and cooling systems in a wide range of processing applications like food processing, chemical processing, heat processing, plastic processing, and Heat transfer system maintenance.
In closed systems, the maximum bulk operating temperature is 300°C with a maximum skin temperature of 320°C. The maximum operating temperatures of the fluid are dependent on the duration of exposure to higher temperatures.

Physical properties

Comet Heat Transfer Oil
PropertiesTest MethodUnitTypical Values
AppearanceVisualClear & Bright
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 0CASTM D 445Cst 30.2
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 0CASTM D 445Cst5.8
Viscosity IndexASTM D 2270138
Density @ 15 0CASTM D 1298Kg/l0.872
Flashpoint COC ASTM D 92216
Pour point ASTM D 97°C-43
Operating temperatures 300-320oc
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