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Comet Lubricants

Comet Knitting Oil

Available in 20Ltrs & 210Ltrs

Comet Knitting Oil


Comet Knitting Oil is a non-staining and washable type lubricant and recommended for needle lubrication of high speed knitting machine.

Product Description

Comet Knitting Oil is specially formulated from high quality Base Oils and fortified with selected additives to provide anti-wear, anti-foam, anti corrosive and anti-oxidant properties.


CompositionMineral Oil & Synthetic Esters
Viscosity @ 40 °C (Cst)22 ± 3
Viscosity Index140
ColourPale yellow
AppearanceClear Liquid
pH Of 10% Emulsion7-8
Non StainingYes
Flash Point °C (Min.)Min 160
Pour Point (°C)0
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