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Comet LHV Grease

Comet LHV Grease

Market Application

Comet LHV lithium complex grease has a longer life at elevated temperatures than normal lithium soap greases. The water resistance and low temperature pumpability of Comet LHV lithium complex grease is also better than normal lithium soap greases. For these reasons, Comet LHV lithium complex greases finds wide acceptance for virtually all grease applications in industrial and automotive markets.

Product Description

Comet LHV Grease is a lithium-complex thickened mineral oil based grease having extreme pressure, antioxidation and anticorrosion properties with a typical drop point of 260°C. Comet LHV grease offers an impressive number of desirable features which confer clear operational advantages over normal lithium greases like:
• Improved working temperature range and thermal stability
• Reduced oil separation and resistance to hardening and pressure
• Increased load-carrying capacity over wider working temperature range
• Reduced wheel-bearing temperatures
• Better water-resistance and adhesion to metal surfaces

Typical Characteristics

Base Lithium Complex
Drop Point °C260
Operating Temperature, Min. °C-30
4 Ball Load Test,Weld Point (kg)350
Timken OK Load Test(kg)20
Base Oil Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt180
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