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Heat Transfer Oils

Comet Machine Slide Oil

Comet Machine Slide Oil


For protection of machine tool slideway surfaces and components in the presence of water based cutting fliuds.For horizontal slides viscosity grades 32 to 100 are recommended whilst grade 220 is recommended for vertical slide lubrication. This oil is suitable for hydraulic cum slideway lubrication systems as well as machine tool gearboxes and spindles.


Comet machine slide oil separates readily from water allowing easy removal by skimming.

Performance Level

This oil is formulated with anti -wear and tackiness additives to impart friction protection for slide ways, gears, bearings and hydraulic system components.


Comet Slide Ways Oils
ISO Grades3268100220
At 40°C mm2/s3268100220
At I00°C mm2/s5.58.811.318.5
Viscosity Index10810410298
Flash point COC °C216238250272
Pour Point °C-33 -15-15-12
Density at 15°C kg/m3870879880894

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