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Comet Soluble Textile Oil 32 Plus

Comet Soluble Textile Oil 32 Plus


Used in the textile operations in a spray form for application on yarn on looms to smoothen the hairiness of yarn for greater loom efficiency.The spray application imparts a uniform application there by eliminating material waste.

Product Description

This is a water emulsifing fluid which uses a versatile additive consisting of emulsifying,wetting agents as well as rust and biocide inhibitors.It is suitable as the base for preparation of translucent synthetic micro as well as heavy duty EP emulsions. The additives include biocides/fungicide additives to give finished emulsion long service life,prevent emulsion breakdown and spoilage as well as rust inhibitor additives to lubricate the needles,sinkers and knitting machine plates.The wetting agent additive provides a more stable emulsion.This is a highly concentrated oil which when mixed wiith water[ratio 1 part oil to 18-20 parts water depending on water softness]gives a stable emulsion with a high ph value.

Major Typical

AppearanceStraw to Yellow Clear
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C
cst max
Emulsion StabilityHigh Stable
Flash Point,COC,°c>195
Water Crackle TestNegative
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