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Comet Synton Full Synthetic Oil

Comet Synton

Comet Synton Full Synthetic Oil

Comet Synton Full Synthetic Oil

Viscosity Grades

SAE 15w/40


Comet Synton is a high performance fully synthentic multigrade oil for a wide range of diesel and gasoline engines requiring API-CI-4 specification for diesel engine or API-SL specification for gasoline engines.This oil is ideal for a mixed fleet of diesel engines(e.g turbo charged normally aspirated,high speed) or a mixed fleet of both gasoline and diesel engines or for gasoline engines with catalytic converters


GlobalDHD-1 Quality
Mercedes BenzP228.3
VolkswagenVW 501/505 Quality
VolvoVDS, VDS-2 and VDS-3
MTU Type 2 Quality
Mack TruckEO-M and EO-M PLUS

Product Description

The use of synthetic as opposed to mineral base oil in the formulation of Comet Synton imparts better oxidation,higher shear stability and more aggressive sludge removal properties resulting in removal of gums and vanish at higher temperatures hence superior resistance to oil thickening,the main cause of clogged filters.Regular use of Comet Synton will minimise engine noise due to a smoother operation

Typical Characteristics

Comet Synton 15w/40
Specific Gravity@ 15/15°C 0.886
Viscosity Index. min136
Sulphated ash% by mass, max1.13
%Zinc by mass0.12
Total Base number Mg koh/gm min10.0
Flash point(c.o.c)223
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