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Comet Transmission 10w/30

Comet Transmission 10w/30
Viscosity GradesSAE 10w/30
LevelsJohn DeereJDM J20C/J20D
Massey FergusonCMS M1135/1141/1143/1145
Case New HollandCNH MAT3505/3509/3525
CASEMS 1207/1210
FordESN-M2C86-B/C, ESN-M2C134-D
ZF TE-ML03E/05F/06K/17E
KubotaUDT Fluid
Product DescriptionComet Transmission Universal 10W/30 is a multipurpose Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) formulated from suitable base stocks along with appropriate viscosity modifiers , antifoam and pour point depressants to prepare fluids for superior gear performance , chatter suppression, hydraulic pump and for low temperature applications.
Typical CharacteristicsComet Transmission Universal
ISO VG10W/30
Kin.Viscosity, Kinematic mm2/s @40?C65.94
Kin.Viscosity, Kinematic mm2/s @100?C10.6
Viscosity Index150
Specific Gravity@15?C0.883
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