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Comet Turbine Oil G Plus

Comet Turbine Oil G Plus


DIN 51515, Part 1(L-TD), Part2 (L-TG)
ISO 8068
Siemens TL V 9013 04/0 I
British Standard BS 489
General Electrk GEK 32568 NC
MIL-L- 17672D
CEGB Standard 20700 I
Brown Boveri HTGD 90117
U.S Steel 120
Westinghouse Electric Corp. Turbine Oil Spec
Alstom HTGD 90 117V0001 S


Comet Turbine Oil has high oxidation, hydrolytic and thermal stability and a very low acid number. It also imparts excellent protection against corrosion of steel and nonferrous metals, sludge and foam formation as well as demulsification .It also contains anti-wear additives for enhanced gearbox protection.


Comet Turbine Oil is suitable for industrial steam and moderate duty gas turbines.
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