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Heat Transfer Oils

Comet Water Soluble Coolant

Comet Water Soluble Coolant


Comet water soluble coolant is a general purpose soluble oil for machining, cutting and grinding e.t.c suitable for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Product Description

Comet water soluble coolant is made with paraffinic base stock and nitrate free soluble oil emulsifier. The product is free of phenols and cresols. The product is low in odour compared to other conventional soluble cutting oils. The emulsion formed has excellent corrosion resistance and has tolerance to hard water. The product contains biocides and fungicides to combat any infections that could take place during the use of emulsion, enhancing the working life of the emulsion.


Comet Water Soluble coolant
AppearanceLight Amber Liquid
Emulsion Stability(20:1 dilution)
Tap waterNo oil, no cream, stable
Hard water 200 ppmNo oil, no cream, stable
Rust protection (IP 125)No corrosion at 30:1 dilution
in 200 ppm Hard Water
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