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Comex 30, 40

Comex 30, 40s


Comet Comex 40 high quality mono grade passenger car motor oil. It is formulated from high quality mineral base oils and an advanced additive formulation to provide superior performance.


Exceeds API SF/CD


• Thermal stability and oxidation resistance.
• Anti-wear properties.
• Outstanding detergent, dispersant and anti-wear properties keep the engine clean and enable effective control of soot, sludge and piston deposits.
• Maximized engine life due to outstanding wear protection in valve train and component scuffing under high loads.
• Engine fuel economy and reduced oil consumption.


•Recommended for all petrol engines
•Diesel engines for commercial vehicles
•Gear and hydraulic applications where the use of engine oil is approved.
•Mixed fleets of both diesel and gasoline engines.
•Commercial road transport.
Physical properties
PropertiesTested MethodUnitTypical Values
AppearanceVisualClear & Bright
SAE Grade40
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 0CASTM D 445Cst113.4
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 0CASTM D 445Cst14.82
Viscosity IndexASTM D 2270134
Density @ 15 0CASTM D 1298Kg/l0.885
Base number ASTMD 289611.12
Pour PointASTMD 97oC-23
Flash point COC ASTMD 92oC232
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