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Food Grade White Grease

Food Grade White Grease


Comet food grade grease is a high quality NLGI no. 2 aluminum complex - based multipurpose grease intended specifically for the lubrication of machinery used in processing and packaging of food. It meets USDA H 1 requirements for greases used in applications where incidental food contact may occur and is manufactured using white oils and other ingredients which are permitted substances for the preparation of lubricants in terms of FDA regulation 21 CFR 178-3620. It is a white grease of smooth consistency and may be used in a wide variety of applications in the food processing and packaging industry.


Comet food grade grease may be used for all enclosed bearings, slides and cams where incidental food contact may occur.
Bottlers, canners and fillers.
Packagers and wrappers.
Central lubrication systems.


FDA approved ingredients
Meets USDA H1 requirements
Excellent load carrying ability
Wide operating temperature range
Excellent resistance to water wash out
Very good rust and oxidation inhibition.


Thickener type Aluminum Complex
Drop point°C268
Worked penetration @ 25°C mm265/295
Color visual white
Operating temperature range°C-18 to +150
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