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Industrial EP Gear Oil 1000,2200

Industrial EP Gear Oils

Viscosity Grades

ISO VG 68,100,150,220,320,460

Market Application

Comet Industrial EP range of lubricants are recommended for ciculating gears and low load gearboxes including steel/phosphor-bronze worm gear units. They are most suitable for gear units operating under moderate shock loads and are suitable for both circulation and splash lubrication.

Product Description

Comet Industrial EP range of gear lubricants are premium quality lead free, extreme pressure gear oils. They are blended from high quality mineral oils and carefully selected extreme pressure , anti-oxidant and anti-corrosion additives as well as water separation properties.


ISO VG Grade68100150220320460
Specific Gravity@ 15/15°C0.890.890.890.890.890.89
Viscosity Index max959595100100100

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