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Edit Industrial EP Gear Oil S

Industrial EP Gear Oil S

Industrial EP Gear Oil S


Comet Industrial gear oils are extreme- pressure, premium quality gear oils designed for lubrication of heavy-duty industrial gears. The product formulations provide excellent corrosion protection, anti-foam characteristics, and oxidation resistance. The product's high loading capacity and anti-friction characteristics provide superior performance for industrial applications. The ashless sulfur-phosphorus additive provides extreme pressure performance better than traditional gear oils.


ANSI/ AGMA 9005-D94
US Steel 224
David Brown S1.53101
ISO 12925


• Provide excellent wear protection for wide range of gear types
• Provide excellent load carrying and anti-friction characteristics
• Formulated in wide range of viscosity to carter for various industrial applications
• The high thermal stability EP system maintains clean gear and bearing surface
• The products extend equipment life through the EP system which forms a protective film in areas of metal –to- metal contact
• Provide excellent performance even in a moist atmosphere


• The lubricants are formulated for the circulatory and bath lubrications of all types of spur, bevel, helical and warm- type industrial gears
• Lower temperature industrial gears including steel gear transmission
• Industrial type reduction gear boxes on mining equipment, cement mills, crushers, conveyors, winches, marine equipment, ball and rolling mills
• Plain and rolling element bearings
• Open gear drives
• Enclosed industrial gear drives and open gear drives.

Physical properties

Industrial EP Gear Oil S
PropertiesTest MethodsUnitTypical Values
ISO Grade68100150220460680
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40 °CASTM D 445Cst68100150220460680
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100 °CASTM D 445Cst8.611.2314.718.930.2539
Viscosity IndexASTM D 2270979796969595
Density @ 15 °CASTM D 1298Kg/I0.8650.8670.8850.8960.8970.899
Pour pointASTM D 97°C-14-14-14-14-14-14
Flashpoint COCASTM D92°C2252226232242246


Prolonged and repeated contact with oil may cause skin disorders. Avoid contact. Wash immediately with soap and water. Do not discharge used oils into drains or the environment. Dispose of an authorized used oil collection point.
NB: always store on temperatures between -5 to 40 °c
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