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ST 90, 140

ST 90, 140


SAE 90, SAE 140

Market Application

Comet ST 90 and ST 140 Gear oils are suitable for the lubrication of most type of gears including HELICAL, SPUR, BEVEL and WORM TYPE with the exception of HYPOID GEARS. ST 90 is suitable for many commercial vehicle gear boxes whereas ST 140 is developed mainly for non-hypoid final drive units


Equivalent to: API service classification GL-1


Comet ST 90 and ST 140 are made with high quality mineral oils to meet SAE 90 and SAE 140 viscosity grade respectively. The product contains additives to combat the oxidising conditions that prevail in the gear box during the service, and also to protect against the wear mostly occurring along the line of gear tooth contact where rubbing speeds are very high. Comet ST 90 and ST 140 provide lubrication for smooth running and long service life to non-hypoid gears under moderate conditions, whereas Comet ST 140 provides excellent lubrication over a wide temperature range.


SAE 90 SAE 140
Specific Gravity@ 15/15°C0.8990.889
Kin.Viscosity@100°C cst, min16.025.5
Viscosity Index min9090
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