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Super 25W/50

Supreme Motor Oil 30, 40


SAE 30,SAE 40


Equivalent to API service classification for Petrol Engine Oils- SF. Also meets Mercedes Benz 226.0

Performance Levels

Comet Supreme Motor Oil grades are premium quality, high detergent engine oils specially formulated to provide superior performance in all types of petrol engines.

Product Description

Comet Super 25W/50 is made from high quality mineral oils and contains additives to control cold sludge, high temperature lacquer formation and to keep oil insoluble combustion products harmlessly dispersed throughout the oil mass.The additive package also combats the tendency of the oil to oxidize during the service and also minimize the wear of moving parts.


Supreme Motor Oil 3040
Specific Gravity@ 15/15°C 0.890.894
Kin.Viscosity @100°C cst, min11.214.5
Sulphated ash% by mass 1.01.0
Detergent MetalMgMg
Viscosity Index Min9595
% Zinc (typical)by mass 0.140.14
Total Base Number(TBN)Mg koh/gm min7.07.0
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