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Supreme HD 30, HD 40

Supreme HD 30, HD 40

Viscosity Grades

SAE 30, SAE 40


Comet Supreme HD monograde engine oils are heavy duty lubricants for petrol and normally aspirated diesel engines and thus are suitable for mixed fleet use under moderate conditions. The two viscosity grades offer protection against variety of loads, engine speeds and climatic variations


Equivalent to API services classification for Petrol Engines Oils:SC. For Diesel Engine Oils:CC

Product Description

Comet Supreme HD monogrades are specially blended products of high quality mineral oils and selected additives to impart protecting ability to lubricants against demanding operating conditions. The additives present in the product prevent sludging in lubricants used under short journey as well as provide excellent lubrication under long haul conditions.The additives present are:
1.)Detergent/Dispersal Additives – Provide excellent cold sludge, soot discrepancy and high temperature varnish control, under a wide range of service.
2.)Anti-wear Additives – These reinforce the load carrying capacity of the lubricant during extreme stress.
3.)Corrosion Inhibitors – Alkaline corrosion inhibitors protect the engine from corrosion and acidic combustion products.

Typical Characteristics

Supreme HD3040
Specific Gravity@ 15/15°C0.890.895
Viscosity Index,min9090
Detergent MetalCaMg
%zinc (typical) % by mass0.130.13
Total Base number Mg koh/gm min5.95.9
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